Small Blue Kitty

March 24, 2011
There once was a small blue kitty,
Everyone called her a pity.

For this cat wasn't as pretty or sweet,
As the other cats you might meet.

She had a problem with her feet,
And there was none like her to meet.

She tried to do things like the other cats did,
But they all laughed and she ran and hid.

"I''l show them," She said. "One day I will."
The thought brought her quite a chill.

She waited and waited and waited.
She hoped the day wouldn't be belated.

The day came with the attack of dogs,
The cats ran and hopped like frogs.

But the small blue kitty knew what to do.
While the other cats fooled around she learned kung fu

She limped over to the dog pack,
And she hissed and gave one a smack.

It whined and howled and ran away,
And the others followed it to the bay.

The kitties came out of hiding and cheered.
For the small blue kitty had conquered what they feared.

The kitty smiled and looked around.
Not one kitten had a frown.

The next day the small blue kitty,
Wasn't so much a pity.

And she still wasn't as pretty or sweet,
As the other cats you might meet.

And she will always have problems with her feet,
But she did save the day and the was sweet.

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Fangstorm_The_Vampire said...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 10:13 pm
Syndactly? When fingers or toes are fused? It can be fixed easily if the digits are NOT connected by the bone. You might be able to get the small surgery to fix it. AND i like this poem, btw.
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