Morning Sickness

January 10, 2008
I am the nauseous feeling you get when you wake up before the sun
I am the six outfits you try on before you find the one you feel just ok in
I am the first look in the mirror that defines your whole day
I am the drop in your self confidence when you don’t like what you see
I am the breakfast you force down so the medication doesn’t make you sick
I am the little comment you brush off your shoulder
I am the light that makes you 30 seconds late
I am the teacher that doesn’t listen to excuses
I am the last five minutes that feels like an eternity
I am the walk that stops your breathe
I am the hope today will turn out different
I am your confusion when everyone else seems to get it
I am your nerves and anxiety
I am the walls that trap you like a rat
I am room 217 and the worst 48 minutes of the day
I am the sound that triggers well-trained dismissal
I am relief

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