Dreams are Dreamt by Many

January 10, 2008
By Dinesha Neal, Fayetteville, NC

Dreams are dreamt by many. A dream to be fulfilled would bring warmth to many hearts. But a dream is spoiled when a war comes into sight, and it brings family into fright. A daddy and mothers are sent to fight. Sons and daughters are in the light of truth and prayer. The light is the knowing of the ratio of their love survival, the prayer is become their love survival; the prayer is become a challenge because of the knowing of the truth.
A dream is spoiled for many young African American females, who were once in loved with a jive, Slick Rick, one of a kind black man, who would fill her head with lies to get between her thighs, to get his meaningless ride. Then just after that he goes to his lover, his true lover. A true under dog lover, his lover being a male and a husband to another, yea what a tale…. But this man other is his wife who has contracted the aids, because she’s sleeping and creeping with Johnny boy down the road. So we don’t really know who the carrier of the bunch is. I could go on with the list but this would be no longer a poem but an obituary. But to continue if I may, when we trace back to the African- American female, she also has the disease. She is hurt and upset and seeking vengeance so she put on her charm and past on her pain and hurt. Not telling a soul, instead she kills the dreams of many more just like her dreams were killed by the many before her.
A young man has the dream to achieve a career of stardom, but is at home with a single-parent mom. Why, because his daddy is an ally shooting up some of that addiction. He shoots so much that he lost everything he loves including his family. For one day he had gotten so bad that he struck his wife for not giving up the rent so he can get his, and she had refuse. After he left he never return maybe because of guilt or maybe he had enough we will never know. So as he continues living his dirty life of drugs he piles debt after debt after debt. Not caring or because he’s so mess up he doesn’t even realize. Well he didn’t have to because his supplier came along to help him realize; but he does not have anything to give to the supplier and is begging for his life with all his might as the supplier holds a gun to his head screaming for his money. But that’s when the supplier came up with a solution conning the junkie into believing the supplier will be kind and understanding. He explains the solution that would bring risk to his family that he had left long ago. That solution left the boy who had a dream of stardom shot and dead. While the mother was raped and a prisoner of the supplier, while the junkie once a father and a loving husband is still shooting up his addition.
Many stories to tell how people dreams have came short or were giving up not by choice but by force.
Dreams are dreamt by many. Dreams that are to be fulfilled .That would bring warmth to many hearts. But today in time dreams are spoiled thanks to the tragedies called the real world.

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