I Know You remember Because

January 10, 2008
By Ramon Montero, Houston, TX

I know you remember because
it was not so long ago.
It was a stormy gloomy night,
the clouds black like your hair.
Your eyes were lost in the rain, you
were loud like the thunder.
As it struck it flared just enough to see
that it wasn’t rain.
We talked heavily, I felt the bricks stacking
up on top of me.
The feeling I once had floated away like your hair
in the wind.
I wished for the day to end but it dragged on
We held on for as long as we could, but I knew today
I had to give you your heart back.
You were my light in the darkness,
The joy in my life.
You didn’t do the favor I did for you
You kept my heart
You kept my light.

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