I Think I'm Going Crazy Without You

January 10, 2008
I think I'am going crazy without you
even breathing air is hard to do
why would god give me a gift give a gift so perfect knowing i could never hold it

when you get to see me do me a favor and never leave me
stay we can runaway

your the best best thing thats ever happened to me
your my everything
all i want to do is grow old with you
you know how to make me smile
when Im sad you make me laugh

Its funny how cruel fate can be separting you and me

but i would wait forever if you asked me to I love more than words could ever say me writing this isnt even half
of wat i feel for you

I would need all the paper in the world to write down how much i love you

Your my wish on a star that finally came true
my hero who saved me from reality
my tv happy ending

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