Desire By: Malori Schabloski

March 28, 2011
By Malori Schabloski SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Malori Schabloski SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Lust is a chocolate craving that makes you weak inside.
The aroma of devilish deserts filling the air, with temptation waiting around the corner.
Licking the chocolate dripping from my finger, sending a teasing signal.
That's my goal.
But at the same time I know my actions are promiscuous.
Walking down the blue hallway.
My chest feels heavy.
I know I should be ashamed.
As he opens the door to welcome me in, I flip on the light switch but the room remains dark.
Deep down I'm pleased at the thought of being in his presence.
I lay down on his silky royal blue sheets and sink into the mattress.
His bed is singing a quiet soothing song telling me not to leave.
Tomorrow I'll probably wake up in his arms disappointed in myself but then again I'm just a young girl. I'm expected to behave this way.
Mae, the little innocent princess that used to fly away from her tower of problems, was now reaching the depths of the dungeon of shame.

Mascara running down my cheeks, a pounding in head, and the insecure feeling of being alone surrounds me.
But then I smile.
"Guten Morgan," he whispered in my ear.
My eyes slowly open as the blinding sun shines brightly through the window.
On the coffee table beside me lays a tray of colorful, warm, sweet smelling breakfast foods.
When I take a closer look, the haunting devastation in my life is staring me right in the face.
Everything is covered in chocolate.

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