I Am What I Am

March 28, 2011
I am a gypsy
With a long skirt that spins with movement
And follows changes in my hips.

I am the human who dances in the night
Out of praise for the stars, and the moon.

I am the nomad who wanders through the trees and plays in the sand,
Following footsteps of spontaneity.

I am the one who not only hears
But also listens.
I am the one with open ears, open eyes to the world that surrounds me.
I am the one with a mind open to new things.
I am the one with a heart open to love,
and I welcome it with open arms
as I spread it to a new person every day.
I am the one who shares kindness with all.

I am the person who holds conviction and babies perseverance within my soul,
I am a lioness with cubs,
A temper in me sparks in a second
As I guard my pride,
And protect my ideals.

I am part of the art of word.
Whether it involves the application of ink to a feather,
Or the projection of voice, tone, and loudness; it doesn't matter to me which one I am.

I am the story of adventure and whit
That I constantly tell.

I am allowed to solve problems due to a cunning mind,
And from it flies hair with the wind.

I am the hair dyed blonde by the sun,
Absorbing its life and energy
And barely bending in order to absorb the shock,
Creating a never ending mass of waves.

I am the blood that rushes through my veins carrying the genes of Italians,
I am part of the Mediterranean waters forever embedded within olive skin
That takes in the sun like tapenade does oil,
And reflects its raw tone.

I am the big brown eyes that open up to a sense of grief.
I am grief for my ancestors who experienced a thrashing burst of genocide
That held an entire continent captive.
I am the very Jew that was not good enough or deserving of life.
I am family to the victims of a condescending movement,
I am family to a hopeless kind due to a mindless society of followers.

I am the girl who walks on the boarder,
Struggles to distinguish herself between two things,
Hopes to succeed in attaining the unattainable,
And improvises along the way.

I am vivacity;
With every pulsation of my heart,
Every breathe in my lungs,
Every groan from my throat,
Every blink of my eyes.

I am mortal.
I share the same destiny as every other:
Prone to death and hopeful of immortality through love.

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