Me, Myself and I

March 28, 2011
By Shanteru.keiko53 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Shanteru.keiko53 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Forget the fear, its just a Crutch, that holds you back, and turns your dream to dust, all you need to is just trust."-(Fireflight)
"Childhood is not from a certain age to a certain age but when the child puts away childish things."(Robert frost)

You know me right? And I know you’ve met myself.
We, us three come together in this
mind, body and soul.
The child, human and the guardian
clash within internally, they intertwine
tightly coil a spinning yarn.

yearning for the spotlight
yearning for the eyes to look at me
really wanting this,
really wanting this,
really, really, really want-

I can’t let “me” do this
I cant let my desires and urges
control myself into a
taboo life of a
promiscuous whore
Fetish freak
video-game virgin
alcoholic drug addict
criminal in the closet

How can myself even function
when “Me” and “I” are
constantly feuding on
my left and right shoulders
telling me
yes and no
Why cant me, myself and I
just agree
for once in my life,
that maybe,
Just maybe
It’s okay to be proper
It’s okay to be dangerous
It’s okay to be perfectly imperfectly insanely sane.

Isn’t it hard to believe when
you talk to myself here, your really
speaking to a Hung Jury of “Me” and “I”
judging whether
what to say or not,
what to do,
how to do,
and how should it be done.

I am not a two face, in fact
I have three.

Don’t go judging by the fact that
I have different opinions, viewpoints, thoughts
much like your three-face-faced
does as well, because in reality
in our psychological reality
within ourselves, there are some things called
“The ID, the EGO, and the SUPEREGO”.

The ID, you know, hell, you
started your lives with the way of ID, that’s how you
all reacted by your
selfish needs and wants

Slowly we grew up and developed our
You know that feeling inside that warns you,
that particular guideline within our minds
that lets you be aware of what’s
“Wrong and Right”

Last but not least,
the EGO.
It’s the physical being that acts
upon the choices made between

So when you look at this being we call ourselves,
Remember, within my mind
There’s a rapture and a war
A party with a fight
So, stop, chill, relax, heal.

Me, Myself and I
are just being,
a mind, body and soul
that come together
eternally, they intertwine.

The author's comments:
This was written to be spoken word piece,really, so it is kinda different with out I, myself performing my piece. Hope you like.

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