March 28, 2011
By JBlakeRun BRONZE, Stoneham, Massachusetts
JBlakeRun BRONZE, Stoneham, Massachusetts
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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrafice the gift."
-Steve Prefontaine

The last time I saw her was in late December,
When she was playing her role as a family member
But it seems so long ago, I almost can’t remember

She was so proud to hear I got into Fordham
But I think she’d be ashamed of me for all the mayhem
That I’ve caused since I became a Ram.

I wonder what she’s doing now as she lays in bed.
What kinds of thoughts might be rushing through her head?
What would she say if I were to end up dead?

Since she left I’ve started feeling depressed
But I let none of it show, my feelings are compressed
I don’t want to make her feel distressed.

As I look at her picture I remember the day
She sent me a postcard from so far away
And I remember the times we used to play

The life of the party, the social butterfly
Has she ever thought “How did I end up being related to this guy?”
She still hasn’t seen how much I’ve changed as time has flown by.

The one who inherited all the looks
And apparently with it all the mental books
She’s even got the ability to be a sibling who cooks.

Sarcastic and dry sense of humor
Never the one to start a rumor
You’d love her even more if you only knew her.

The kind of girl who makes heads turn
The kind of girl that from one can learn
The one whose presence I now sorely yearn

I know she’ll be back, it’s plainly true
But until then I don’t know what to do
When I want to talk to someone I have to ask “who?”

I wish I had been closer in the time we had
Maybe even talked with her and maybe even my dad
Thinking of these lost opportunities makes me feel so sad.

Next year I’m off though, leaving more time left unspent
By the time I get back she’ll probably already have came and went
And I’ll be left to myself and my heart with a dent

She left not so long ago on a trip to Spain
But her lack of presence has left a deep pain
I don’t have much more time to lose and not much more to gain

The author's comments:
Another piece from my creative writing class. We had to write a poem about someone we knew and I decided to use my sister. My sister recently went to Spain on a foreign exchange trip for school and I haven't seen her since Christmas.
It was just a little something I wrote to put my feelings about the situation into perspective. Roser, this ones for you, hope you enjoy it!

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