Ode to Night

March 28, 2011
By jasmineb.lovs2write SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
jasmineb.lovs2write SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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A soft cool breeze caresses the land with a hush
The moon’s solemn face baths earth with calm silver beams
Her bright companions twinkle and blink by her side
Night’s term of dominance is welcomed by the world
All weariness from the sun’s constant glow is soothed
The orchestras of crickets echo through the brush
The clamor of night animals burst through the seams
Dreams of people and creatures erupt from inside
The bulbs of sleepy flowers and stems become curled
Too soon is the night’s temperate control removed

The author's comments:
Another poem I wrote in class. I really do love night time and wish it would last a little longer.

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