Lacrosse Lob

March 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Running down the field
As fast as my legs could take me
The goal in my sight
Dodging and running past other lacrosse defenders
All amazed by my speed
I wind up
Shoot… And miss
Shame overwhelming my face
I jog back to my position as coach told me to do so
That’s when the goalie makes a misthrow
I see the anguish on his face and sprint to intercept the ball
I make the catch
I wind up and I roll down the field
Right towards the goalie
As he’s ready to meet his demise
I’m gaining speed as I land in another stick
It was someone on my team
I’m excited to be shot
He shoots… and scores!
I glaze right past the goalies legs
And make contact with the back of the net
We won the game

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