my bench

March 26, 2011
Life is full of beauty. Notice it.

Ashley Smith wrote that.
I know because I read it, in one of my books.
I lost track of which one.
I read lots of them.
It takes my mind of the smell.
The only thing I don’t like about the subway tunnels
Besides, they remind me why I am there.
Anyway, life is full of beauty. I try to notice it all.
I notice the the well dressed women, and the lovers
Reminding me of a time before subway tunnels and people watching
I would not go back to that time for anything!
I have made a new life down here in the subway tunnels.
I have come to love my bench, my books.
I don’t worry about food, I still get enough unemployment.
I am perfectly content with my life, until every now and then
I see someone. An image of myself, when I had a purpose.
These times remind me that one day I may have to switch trains.

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