fainting whispers

March 26, 2011
fainting whispers in the wind
forgotten dreams lost in memory
a little girl alone in the world
a little boy with no one to care

but now a teenaged boy with all of his friends
a teenaged girl with the world in her hands
best friends at birth , best friends till the end

the teenaged girl tells the boy how she feels
the teenaged boy just smiles and nods
the girl no longer talked , smiled or laughed
the boy start to worry
the teenaged boy now knowing how she feels

when he walked by her house
he hears a gun shot

the silence...

the teenaged boy now a man
goes to a grave and begins to say

i wont ever forget the way you laughed when i poked your sides or the way your eyes shined in the moonlight

i hear your voice when the wind blows
memories now feel like dreams
he put a rose down and walked away

the teenaged girl now gone forever
and in her note it reads

fainting whispers & forgotten dreams
i loved him and he never told me
we promised to be best friends
till the end
i couldn't wait another day
so now i just want him to be happy


the little girl alone in the world

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