Never Forever Over

March 25, 2011
By Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Present will forever become past

Only the memories seem to last

The deepest impact that I’ve made

Easily tested regardless the upgrade

Feel the control
Remember the good
Held within forever’s soul
We all know what should

We don’t want to completely let go

Though time caused constant change we’ll undergo

I’ve changed so many times

Experienced my share of emotional crimes

Feel the control
Remember the bad
Held within forever’s soul
Even after our times been had
All a game

But deep down the feelings are the same

Never true forever goodbyes

All truth tangled in lies

Feel the control
Remember the happy
Held within forever’s soul
We where understanding yet snappy

You could just not respond

Yet you show the existence still of the unbroken bond

From strong past emotion

Relationship calms yet chaos like the ocean

Feel the control
Remember the sad
Held within forever’s soul
With love and hate but just a tad

Forever connected

We expect the unexpected

Forever we became infected

Burry the truth within you

But always within view

Never can undo

The place inside though time we did pass through

Eternally there will be unspoken love

Forever randomly each other we will think of

Like the luck of a 4-Leaf clover

We are never forever over.

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