March 28, 2011
By Maura Torres BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Maura Torres BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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She stays here got no where to go
runs back to her by cause that's all she knows, he paints her purple
there's nothing she can do
tik- tok, tik-tok
too slow that clock moves,
the damage is done.
And there you go
sleeping in the arms of your lover,
while she, she runs to look for cover.
But she cant help it she thinks shes in love, mama try to tell her but she just plays dumb.
thinking she deserves it this is her life, opens her eyes with him in her sight,what else could she do, he promised her wonders, ended with nothing but bruises and plundered. Got used and reused, misused and abused. Now all she could do is sit here and wonder. Thinking why? why?
Let me give you a clue she did it for love, without ever knowing that she'd lose it all.

The author's comments:
it was a spoken word piece

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