March 28, 2011
Trust no others you’re all you've got,
He said he’d be there, but he’s not.
You can't trust anyone anymore,
You’re tired, alone, crushed, and sore.

You scream out, but no one hears,
Your life has become your deepest fears.
Everything becomes nothing to you,
You thought he cared, if he only knew.

Life has no meaning, not at all clear,
All you want is to stop the silent tears.
You feel no presence by your side,
When pain, hate, and logic collide.

Simple thing, complex they are now,
You've got to escape, escape, somehow.
You want it all to just go away,
So that you can see the light of day.

Blinded you are by the darkness you see,
You've got one person, that'll always be me.
You've left me behind, when I needed you most,
You walked right passed me, like I was a ghost.

Apologies, much to hard to forgive,
But without you, it’s hard for me to live.
Although I’m invisible to you today,
Doesn't mean tomorrow I’ll be seen, I may.

Take your time, I’ll always be right here,
Whenever you need me just hug me, I’m near.
I'm hoping this will all end soon,
So I can talk to you while staring up at the moon.

I don't care if you need me anymore,
I'll be there with you, my life so poor.
I need you now more than you know,
It's hard to see, dying , I'll never let go.

This was written just for you to be ignored,
While I sit here and play with the telephone cord.
No matter what, you once promised me,
Broken promise to be here, it's so plain to see.

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