The Lunch-Box Days

March 28, 2011
By Allie Wellinghurst BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
Allie Wellinghurst BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
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I remember looking up at adults,
thinking to myself how I will one day be one.
I remember sitting in the back of the car,
staring longingly at the front seat.
I remember living in a tiny house,
thinking of it as my mansion.
I remember playing with my dolls,
giving them the lives I dreamed I would one day have.
I remember the days I had
where staying inside the lines were my only problems.
I remember when five dollars, was like millions.
I remember when staying up past nine,
was the most rebellious thing I could do.
I remember when my biggest decision was
what crayon to use.
I remember dancing on my father’s tiptoes,
clinging to his waist.
I remember wanting to skip ahead in time.
And now, all I want is to go back.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my school's English class.

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