Sweet Temptation

March 23, 2011
By bluestar BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
bluestar BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
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A thousand promises
Spoken in perfect clarity,
Designed for far off dreams
To fantasize of a tomorrow.

Each word is smooth and glamorous,
Drenched in sticky honey.
A golden syrup
Comprised of hope.

Powdered sugar rims
A shining silver goblet.
And innocent lips meet
Seductive sweet temptation.

Poison mercilessly burns
Those unsuspecting lips.
Deception in disguise,
In the form of candied liquid.

Ocean eyes threaten tears
As fatal drops consume.
Death slips through shaking fingers
And courses through boiling veins.

The last grain of sand
Has fallen from the hourglass,
Spinning out of time,
Carrying away its victim.

And in this final hour
One last thought escapes,
With a crystal drop
Gliding down a fading rose:

I trusted you.
And now I have the price to pay.

The author's comments:
There is someone in my life who is very dear to me who makes too many promises he cannot keep. I used to take him word for word, but after all these years, I cannot believe a single syllable he utters. But that does not change the fact that I still love him because he did not intend to hurt me.

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