Who Am I?

March 23, 2011
By DaBears54 BRONZE, Melbourne, Iowa
DaBears54 BRONZE, Melbourne, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:

I’m from a small, desolate town in central Iowa called Melbourne, like the Wild Wild West.

Home of the Mousehole,
I’m from a family, who is like a wolf pack that is strong in numbers,

From parents who encourage and love,

From a brother, who always cheered and congratulated,

From sisters, who are selfless and sympathetic.
I’m from sports and competitions like the Olympics,
From State tractor pull when I was younger,

From friendly games of PIG in the backyard,

From practicing football, baseball, wrestling, and golf with my dad.
I’m from leave before sunrise and get home after sunset like a farmer during harvest,

From weightlifting early in the morning,
From detasseling at the crack of dawn,
From multiple tiring road football games and wrestling meets.

I’m from St. John’s United Church of Christ like a loving extended family,

From my loving “church grandmas”,

From the delicious potlucks,

From sharing the peace and growing faith.
I’m from an early childhood setback and it’s a setup for a comeback,

From a biological mom, who considered me a mistake,

From hard work and determination,

From trying to prove critics wrong, especially her,
From growing and learning from my mistakes.
I’m from all of these

The author's comments:
I wrote this for school, but it really made me think "who am I?"

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