March 23, 2011
By Jaybug BRONZE, Norwood, North Carolina
Jaybug BRONZE, Norwood, North Carolina
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There was a woman; she was beautiful and angelic. She had a son, and she loved him so much. Even when he was a baby, she realized there was something special about him. As her son grew older, he didn't fit in with everybody. Some people adored him, and others just thought he was a weirdo. The woman knew her son wasn't getting along with everybody, and she tried her hardest to protect him. One day, the woman watched her son be humiliated in front of the townspeople, and the mother knew her son had did nobody wrong. Still, her son just did not fit in, and the cruel townspeople humiliated him. On that cruel day, the woman realized how special her son truly was. Even though the woman's son was humiliated to the highest degree, he still forgave the cruel townspeople. He said, "Forgive them Father; they know not what they do." The woman watched as they pierced her son is his side, and his blood came streaming down. Her son was lifted up in front of the entire town; his body was badly scarred. The woman couldn't bare the sight of seeing her son like this. His hands and feet were nailed; the woman broke out into tears. Her tears hit the ground like rain. A man seen the woman and asked, "Woman, why are you crying?" The woman looked up at the man and said, "That's my son...hanging on that cross." As she said this, her son gasped his last breath. The woman, trying to fight her tears, said to the man, "He just died for you and me." John 3:16

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