The Problem with this World

March 30, 2011
I force the corners of my mouth up high
and hold back the tears that I’m tempted to cry.
The world tries to tell me that nothing’s wrong.
But there are days when I just can’t move on.

I watch the pain in the world around me.
And, eventually, that same pain found me.
I lay in bed and cry all night
to think of all the wars we fight.

I know the truth, the world tells lies.
It’s the entire system that I despise.
The world says take, take all you can get.
We steal from the needy without any regret.

We hear of “The nice guy who finished last”.
It’s not just a saying from the past.
“Survival of the fittest” is the motto of the tough.
But what about the weak who have really had enough?

Society screams freedom, but if freedom means wars
I’d rather that society keep the same course.
I’d rather live a life that’s out of my hands
then have to pay up to all war demands.

I know the pain caused and I can see the hurt.
We’ve bandaged a wound that’s filled up with dirt.
Yet, I plaster on a smile and make life go on.
Even though I know something’s terribly wrong.

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