March 23, 2011
By SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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I don't like seeing you sad
I never want to see you hurt
I want to guard you from the unhappiness life
but I can't do that
This isn't a comic book
I can't be the one who saves you
from all harm
I can't rescue you
from the clutches of a villian
Because that's not how life is
I have to watch as you hurt
and I hurt too
but I dont do anything about it
Because I wanna seem strong
for you
I want to be your hero
even if I really can't
I want to know your happy
even if we're distant
I'll do anything for you
protect from anything
I'd go past the sky
til I see Saturn's rings
but only so you can be ok
but I can't be your hero
yet I stil try
try to save you from the depression
and the anger
and pain
the things I beat everyday
I know you're wondering why?
why do I wanna be your hero?
because if things don't work out
atleast you could blame me
for not saving you
beacuse if I take the fault it assures that
you will be better
even if thats means I'd have to
fly away forever
or lose all my power
as long as it makes feel good
for a few more hours

The author's comments:
I try to be a Hero, but some don't want to be saved

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