Master Plan

March 22, 2011
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People call it a miracle.
Something great they say, but it's nothing that I would ever want to come this way.
You left us years ago with no shame at all.
Several times you had built us high and several times you had let us fall.
Your apology is not accepted and never will it be.
Your eyes may be open, but the light you will never see.
You won't ever see that your two wrongs don't make a right,
And you never once helped when Mom and I, for our lives, had to fight.
So, you can take your kind words that I know you faked and send them off with yourself.
Maybe go drown in a lake.
Mom may not see it, but soon she will.
The dream she thinks is going to come true is the one you're about to kill.
You'll try to do this once more.
Just like the past, you did it then ran,
But I'm fed up with it now and ridding you is my master plan.

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