To love or be loved

March 21, 2011
By BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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what can not be changed can wilt away or fade, but never will it be forgotten.

In creation some say that true love can not be stopped. only what can not be heard is truly thought about. those that can not be seen-- the wind it sings and that in it's self allows others to believe. For without something that can not be seen one can not truly love there self and in turn loved or to love no other.
You can love someone and never be loved back, you can sing at your hearts content as loud as the stars will allow it to be-- in truth though one can not sing to the sound of love, they can not be any more than that is aloud in there own mind-- if never to love or be loved you lose all that is, love to be the one who is not-- and in turn sit and listen to the sounds that are alive, watch the sun
be risen from hills. and in turn you be who you are in nothing but a memory in itself.

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