March 21, 2011
By Alexa McLaughlin BRONZE, St. Joseph, Michigan
Alexa McLaughlin BRONZE, St. Joseph, Michigan
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Melanie sits quietly in her seat
Looking away from the others, toward her feet.
She wears her dark hair long, curls framing her face.
I’m drawn to her eyes, which reveal a darker place.
The place where heartache of ended true love
Smothers your dreams, everything you’re proud of.
As I escape from those eyes, full of regret,
I notice the girl wears no make-up. And yet
Her beauty is undeniably there,
Soft and subtle, no reason to stare.
She’s unconcerned with her appearance, it seems;
Her oversized coat enforces the theme.
She blinks and I notice her fine lashes
Brushing the bags under her eyes, dark as ashes.
Is she losing sleep to unyielding thoughts?
Or escaping the nightmares caused by her loss?
Something is waiting, an unresolved pressure,
Building inside her, so confused and unsure.
Unconsciously, she wrings her gentle hands,
I want to know her story, to understand.

The author's comments:
This piece is a character sketch for a short story that I had to write for school. I created a background story and image of Melanie in my mind, and I think this poem is a good representation of how I see her.

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