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March 22, 2011
By Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
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"The most important parties to attend are the ones you're not invited to." -Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

You’re the song to my Lyrics
The pen to my paper
You’re the mole to my chicken
The staple to my stapler.

You’re the rain boots to my puddles
The socks to my shoes
You’re the keys to my keyboard
You’re the skin to my bones.

You’re the mind to my conscience
And the light to my day
You’re the peanut butter to my jelly
You’re the pottery to my clay.

You’re the ceaser to my salad
The jiggle to my Jello
You’re the butter to my toast
You’re the strings to my cello.

You’re the noodles to soup
The dent in my car
I said I was sorry
I couldn’t stop looking in
My rearview mirror.

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