blue eyes

March 22, 2011
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your blue eyes attracted me
your blu eyes hypnotize mer b
something about you has be high
i am not so sure why but maybe its
those blue eyes looking in to my soul

your blue eyes stole my soul
your blue eyes showed me your soul
and to much hurt and pain has been thrown
at you, love for you is a crazy thing you dont want to happen
blue eyes making me feel high everytime

your blue eyes have me falling
your blue eyes make me wanna do anything for you,
i love when your eyes look in to mine
when you your blue eyes look deep in to my soul
i feel like nothing can happen to me.

your blue eyes are safe
take me anywhere, id feel safe with you
anytime i am away.

your blue eyes show me i dont need to be scared
your blue eyes tell me something that your feeling
feelings my blue eyed boy your scared to feel with
me and maybe blue eyed boy i went crazy and fell in
this black hole and have hit myhead and havent waken

your blue eyesare immortal to me
your blue eyes are locked in my heart
ill never forget your eyes and the immortal
feeling they have to them... thats the best
feeling blue eyed boy

your blue eyes have had me feel something
your blue eyes have made me wanted kiss you
eyes were one thing i couldnt keep my eyes off of.
wanting to kiss your lips and feel the moist tenderness
makes feeling stronger and blue eyed boy i think that is
what scares you dont get me wrong blue eyes i know

your blue eyes have this safe zone
your blue eyes make me wanna tell you i love you
blue eyes plue take this and remember that i am just
and angel who has something to give but i wont give it
easily... and angel who is in love with a blue eyed demon
and cant seem to wanna stay away.

your blue eyes seem to glow when you see me
your blue eyes attract me.
maybe i am wrong about you want and having feeling
something other then a kiss from me but something in my heart
says i am right about you blue eyes.

your the one mr blue eyes i feel in my heart who can keep my heart and
key safe... knowing you mr blue eyes makes me wanna know more but what am i to know
i am an angel who has to stay behind and cant do anything to be with you..

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just-a-joy said...
Apr. 19, 2011 at 7:36 am
very well writen  i have a pair of blue eyes that make me feel safe too
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