Freedom in Death

January 17, 2008
By Parker Reeves, Southaven, MS

He stood alone at the last gate

Where he and his wife had had to wait

for the plane they could not miss

Before she flew home they parted with a kiss

He held her long out of a great fear

His wife of course was very dear

to his heart

Men who wished to tear their country apart

had crashed a plane like the one she boarded

The husband his whole life had hoarded

his love

This woman

His hope

His life

When disaster struck, the unimaginable fear,

his love

his wife

his dear

The lone man’s infinite pain and strife

ripped out all the love in his life

from his heart

To war the broken man went

with thoughts that were bent

on the revenge of his heart

The man with nothing to loose has the least to fear

every last thing this man held dear

burned in the crashed plane

His wife

His unborn son

His hopes and dreams all in one

burned in the crashed plane

He prayed to God to let him die in that foreign land

hoped that this was what He had planned

Many of the evil men he killed

But still his broken heart was not filled

with the love and hope he lost

that burned in the crashed plane

Finally the day came for which he prayed

the metal and gunfire for hours sprayed

until one round found its target

the soldier’s broken and empty heart

The man’s lips turned from grimace to smile

His wife and child he would see in a while

So as he lay there on the ground

His final hope he had found

And as he lay dying with his last breath

The healed man cried “Freedom in Death”

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