January 17, 2008
By Kate Turney, Flagstaff, AZ

I lay on powder blue sheets
that coordinate strangely well
with the tangled brown
carpet in my room.
I have a vision of her hands
like soft doves flying
through the night
and landing on rough
trees and delicate
flowers. Our faces
and surroundings closely
resemble something out
of the invisible spirit world
as we dance through the field
that’s spread over rich soil
and thriving behind the woods.
Our foreheads glisten with burning
excitement and yellow blossoms
like tiny flitting fireflies glad
for the darkness bounce
as we rush past them. The wet
grass licks at our calves
like harmless and almost benevolent
green snakes. All of these images
flash like a movie before
my wide eyes, and a picture
of glinting metal like thick tinsel
and crimson gashes across
her lily-like skin sneaks stealthily
in between the peaceful scenes.
I shut my eyelids slowly and hide
my bright irises from the suddenly
painful air. I sleep and dream
joyfully of a world
in which I can run forever.

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