She wasn't your everyday girl

January 17, 2008
She wasn't your everyday girl,
she was beautiful and sweet,
she never gave up her body,
to prove she is cool,
she has always had such a pure heart,
something that any man would want to get his hands on,
but she was only in search of one man...

no matter where she wen't she couldn't see,
what all her friends saw,
in all those trashy boys,
they all dined and intertwined,
while she sat back and watched them fall to the ground,

her life was hell on earth,
everyone used her,
no one cared,
how can such a beautiful girl,
could live in this nightmare...

she suffered from cancer,
the kind that kills you slowly,
but no one ever knew,
she never spoke a word of her pain....

she would lay in bed an cry herself to sleep,
but no one ever heard her wheep...

all she wanted was to be loved,
just for someone to care,
she wanted her prince,
she wanted their love to never mince...

as months passed by,
she never found her prince,
and her breaths were running short,
and her heart was beating slow,
she knew her death was soon to row,

as she looked up at the sky,
before she passed away,
she heard God say,
my child i'm your prince,
so as she took her last breath she said the words she had always wanted too,
i love you sliped of her tongue,
and away she wen't to the heavens above!

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