what is the meaning of life?

March 14, 2011
What is the meaning of life
That’s what she asked today
And all that ran through my mind
Was I didn’t know what to say

But now I realize what its all about
Its all about our Dad
Its about doing our best
And trying not to be bad

Its about spreading his word
And showing everyone love
So that hopefully one day
We will go to our home up above

Its all about trusting in God
Every minute of everyday
And helping all His people
And listening to what the Gospels say

Life is about praising God
Cause Jesus died for you
So always remember this
In everything you do

Life is about living
Cause everyday could be your last
Cause someday God will bring you home
So don’t pass things up to fast

So the meaning of life is to do all this
And probably much much more
But never forget the most important thing
Which is God is always the core

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