Brushing Away Scars

March 27, 2011
By Jaden13 SILVER, Dodge City, Kansas
Jaden13 SILVER, Dodge City, Kansas
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"The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" <3

The tears
in rivulets down my face,
tell a story
of pain and disgrace.
The whispers surround me
and suffocate my soul,
there is no way out
of this dark empty hole.
Bad memories
are all that I possess,
my mind is scarred
I must confess.
I have been cornered
for way too long,
the things I've endured
must be wrong.
The taunting and teasing
must stop now,
before pain and tragedy
strike me down.
I'm scared for my life
but there isn't a way,
to escape the evils
of the things they say.
Anger controls
my actions and mind,
I'm scared to let go
and see what I find.
What right do they have
to pollute my esteem?
who gave them the right
to unfairly judge me?
But when the day comes
when they need my help,
I'll remember who I am,
and forget what I felt..

The author's comments:
Rough time with drama and Girls in my Jr. High and High School.

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