Oh The Simple Beauties Of Life

January 17, 2008
Like soft music playing, in the deepest depths of the mind,
spinning faster, pictures, memories as sharp as vines...
Oh how they spin ever faster.
The whirlwind of many things reluctantly play,
making you cry, making you sway...
Oh how they spin ever faster.
Like words are never saying, the things we leave behind,
what you're after, split into many pieces that no longer matter,
And Oh how they spin, ever faster.
And in the deepest depths of your mind, songs are playing,
people are dancing, while the fire burns it all away.
Violens, pianos, simply beautiful is the sound,
until you meet the devils hound.
Oh, how they spin ever faster.
I'll remember everything, said the trees to the wind,
and i said the wind to the sun, will remember everything as well,
and said the darkness, and we said the whole,
said that we shall always spin, we shall forver spin....
Oh how glorious, that we spin ever faster...

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