Impulsive Insight

January 17, 2008
I sit staring
The smooth hygiene,
Brought to attention -
in simultaneous Acts
Impulsive insight – what can be
come from you
I challenge authority: surmount
The castration of your
One Mind
Bring ice; Bring sensual streams
Of smoke lines.
Chilled to the bone We feel around
Until forbidden splendor has
Overtaken its course;
Dry mouthed and bittersweet
I run to the nearest route and I
Remain still (clear out a
I dig deeper into your skin
Of lies. A Cheat.
A detour.
To A road
Full of hopeful cries,
And I lace our hands into
The whorl pools of
apprehension ; for help
-fingers intertwined -
In an effort to tread the lies;
and chills That befall upon
In disorderly conduct
So much passion to
an unknown place Of heart.
We hold each other
Yet we find
We’ve discovered
Absolutely Nothing.

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