Her Glass Box

March 14, 2011
By feelslikeeeyore BRONZE, Jordan, Minnesota
feelslikeeeyore BRONZE, Jordan, Minnesota
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--G.K. Chesterton--

She was sitting in silence, solitude
Watching, waiting, wondering if someone
Would have the quiet care to notice
The ache and agony drumming in her heart
She is just shy, most people thought this
But she was sitting in a glass box

This box was dark, though no one knew
She covered the shadows with false smiles
Fake assurances fell from her lips
While inside drops of red rain echoed from her heart
This contrived façade seemed too sturdy
This place where she was sitting, this glass box

That rain kept pouring from her heart
It filled every crack and crevice
She grew heavy with the despair
She started to falter from the grief and anguish
The liquid needed out, how she and it didn’t care
It streamed where she was sitting in her glass box

She kept this box clean, for she lived there
She scrubbed at the stains that sprang up everywhere
Despite all her efforts, some scars cannot be erased
The marks disfigured the crystal on her box
But she was already too well practiced in her cover
She continued unnoticed in her glass box

Soon the stream wasn’t quite enough
To keep the anguish and the storm at bay
More red rain cascaded out
The cracks in the crystal began to get deeper
The deeper they went, the deeper the next must go
She began to drown in her glass box

Soon the tide could not be quenched
It hungered for more room, more space
She couldn’t give it what it wanted
By then she couldn’t look herself in the face
Ashamed by what she had allowed herself to do
She began to plan in her glass box

She could not find a way to satisfy the rain
It threatened to break from the box
It would shower those who stood outside
She could not allow that to happen
Those who didn’t know must remain so
A fight broke out in this glass box

She won the battle, while the box continued to fill
Those looking in started to become suspicious
Soon a crack broke and the wound began to well
Those nearest began to notice
They sounded a wailing alarm
She was drowning in her glass box

She drifted in her box
As if in a daze
While outside the box soothing murmurs
And bright lights broke through her haze
She began to awaken, as if from a comma
A trickle began that lead the rain outside the glass box

She began to acquire peace
An understanding that she wasn’t alone
The box began to drain of its poison
She drew a deep breath as a bright light shone
She was not quite so weighted down
As a breeze blew through her glass box

The box began to lose its walls
Though the labor was anything but easy
The glass bestowed her many scrapes
But progress was made in the end
One-by-one they fell, with her scars on the mend
Until she took a step out of her glass box

The air outside was fresh and light
No more shadows, the sun was bright
She was gathered with open arms
Those that had been outside pulled her into an embrace
The rain from her heart all dried up
She flew free outside of her glass box

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