The Anarchist Call

January 17, 2008
I am an anarchist
with the grace of a drunk, burnt-out comedian.
I glare at the orderly, sheep like kids
while moshing with willing friends.

The screaming and running around
is proof of my conviction to the anarchist handbook.
Voltaire, John Locke, and Ben Franklin can’t stop me
no matter how much I idolize them.

Truth, freedom, and most of all humanism.
Yeah, that’s what we are all about
with our SLC Punk t-shirts and green Mohawks.
The jubilant tribute to women like Ani Difranco
is another rolling stone for me.

Hearing the war drums
makes me passionate for change and more willing to stand against the establishment.
After all,
what political system works better than resisting?

We are the revolutionaries,
blaring out our fearless ideology.
Yeah man, you can’t stop us.
We are the Zamyatins in your Stalinist regime,
the Orwells in your Franco oppression.

The perks of being anarchist,
the courageous conviction and
a life defined by our own minds.

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