Seven Hundred Forty Miles Apart

January 17, 2008
The winter wind slowly swept me away
And pushed me way down South
A place where the home is but not
Where the heart is, leaving my stomach
Twisting with doubt. “Fly back, fly back
Fly back to me”, I hear a voice from a
Far. If I could fly I would never land, I
Would be up with the stars. “Just please,
Just please come back to me. I can’t make it
Another day. The nights are cold here back
North, where you left me in without a say”. I pray
For the wind to carry me back, but it
Is uncontrollable, none the less. Maybe for once
It will work in our favor and I’ll see you
In a number of days. But as for now we’ll see
Each other in our dreams. Distance no longer
Playing a role, as we are much closer then it seems.

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