Blacking Out..

March 21, 2011
My Hands start to shake,
there's not much more I can take,
the my vision gets blurry,
and I feel like I'm in a hurry,
bloods already boiling not the darkness is coming,
everything is numbing,
cant feel anything, so I take a swig,
my minds set,then I start to sweat,
I'm set to destroy I cant be stopped,
everyone around me will soon be dropped,
my teeth grinding,
and my thoughts widening,
I feel dead,
nothing good is running through my head,
NO pain, there's nothing I cant contain,
Its goes fast,
but so much time has passed,
my memory is blank,
when I found out what I did my heart immediately sank,
Blood on my hand,
my leg hurts so much I can barely stand,
In so much pain,
I thought it was all a game,
I wonder what I did,
by now I no its something impossible to be undid,
You then get the withdrawal
and you wanna curl up in a ball,
You cant handle it,
'Cause you don't know who or what you hit.

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