Memoir of Europe

January 17, 2008
Preceded with just a couple of steps off of a plane
Entering an estranged country sends shivers up my spine
It’s colder here so I tighten my scarf
The smell is alien to me,
It could be the increased amount of pigeons
Or the way the breeze blows the air around
There’s a double-deckers on every street
With some statues, you just don’t make eye contact
The foreign languages delight my ears
They sound beautiful carried around by the scented breeze
Cobble stone streets make me feel unstable
A dark mist spreads across the ponds
There is an abandoned castle on the next street over
I stop by all of the pâtisseries and look in at the freshly baked goods
This place gives me another, unique way to look at life
Before I’m ready I’m taking those long steps back onto the plane
Perhaps next time I’ll get my fill of Europe

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