The Meet

January 16, 2008
By Alexa Hubert, Orem, UT

I grip the edge
My heart racing in anticipation.
A buzzer sounds. I jump.
I hit the water – hands first.
Almost sighing as the liquid
Envelopes me.
I kick, kick, kick.
My arms form an hourglass
Beneath me.
Propelling me forward.
Farther and farther they push me, until…
SPLASH! They explode out of their
Liquid coating.
I lift my head and breathe quickly.
My head and arms become one as they
Plunge smoothly back into the water,
Ready to repeat this never ending process.
I kick, push, breathe. Kick, push, breathe.
Again and again.
I touch the wall.
I am finished.
I have won.

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