January 16, 2008
By Megan Switzer, Sidney, MI

I’m walking through pure darkness in a cold, reeking alley.
I sit by a round tin trash can. It’s cold.
Someone walks by in the darkness, but whom?
I scoot my legs in, hoping they won’t see me.
I’m as quiet as a mouse. What’s going on?
All I can hear is the faint sound of foot steps, they’re gone.

I stand, waiting for a sign of someone else.
No one. I’m scared. Who could that have been?
What could have happened if they were to see me?
What are they doing here?

I see a light. I start walking towards it.
It’s moving. I start to run; it’s further and further away every time I take a step.
It’s gone. Someone grabs me in the darkness.
A sharp pain goes through my chest.
It’s a freshly sharpened blade.
I fall to the ground with a large thump.
I’m dead!

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