January 16, 2008
By Sarah P., American Fork, UT

Your golden fur that was
constantly shedding. The way your ears
perked up when you smiled.
Your steady pacing at night,
being sure that everyone was in their place.
The way you licked your paws before each nap.

How your name is actually Salsa.

The way you were so sensitive
about your nose. How you constantly
begged for food. But always
spit out celery and apples.
The hope that would fill your eyes
as you chased ducks along
the edges of the lake.
Always forgetting that they
Have a secret weapon;

How you knew when something was wrong.

What I would give…
to hear you lick your paws…
to see your sunburned nose…
to feel the comfort when you stood on guard…
to look into your deep brown eyes…
just once more.
Just once more.

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