Poetry Interpretation of Anne Frank's DIary Entry

March 6, 2011
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You had a normal life, you had friends and good scores,
You were happy; life wasn’t full of bores,

But all of the sudden it went upside down,
You were told Father got a call-up; everyone wore a frown
Margot revealed later that the call-up was for her,
And the whole house became quiet; not even a purr
Hello was rejected,
Everyone seemed dejected
You packed your diary and your books,
Not even caring about dresses for your looks
You slept very well,
Until at five thirty, rang the bell
You wore as many clothes as possible,
It was so hot, breathing was impossible!
You said good-bye to your dear pet
With the neighbors, she would be set
No one told you about the hiding-place
You just had to get there quickly, it was all a race.
A race against enemies, a race against friends,
A race that would continue until Europe mends

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HorseLover said...
Apr. 17, 2011 at 6:55 am
This is really good. You did a nice job not really focusing on a ryhme scheme, but it turned out with a really nice rythym anyway. And you did a really nice job getting the facts in. Good job!!
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