Wasted Days

January 16, 2008
By Jayson Howard, Manito, IL

Once, upon a time, there was a lovely girl who seemed so sad, even when she was happy.
It’s a sappy tale filled with a love struck boy, oh yes, that’s me,
and this has turned into my story.
I walk when I could run, I wait, when, in that time, I could have won,
the lovely girl that belongs to no one.
And every single day, it’s the same old thing.
It’s a shame she was never what time could bring.
I waste away, all the hours of the day,
thinking of the girl, who never looks my way.
That’s why I need to go, and let her know,
Everything she’s worth, but I can never get too close.
Even if time can’t bring us together,
I won’t accept fornever,
When I could have always told her the truth,
by saying, “I’ve always loved you.”
Loved you…

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