January 16, 2008
The ice cracks
I’m falling
The water engulfs me like a lion trying to catch its prey
I’m surrounded in vast endless nothingness
Every second is like an hour passed by
The cold water stings like a thousand burning knives
I start to panic
I’m losing hope
No one can see me now
I’m sinking faster and faster
I’m running out of breath
I can’t see anything
But a little circle of light up ahead
I pray that someone will reach down and pull me up
But no one’s there no one’s around
No one will know how I died because I will never be found
I’m the only one who will know how I spent my last seconds on earth
But not even that matters now
I look up one last time just to see someone jumping in
Then in just a blink of an eye everything went black
I open my mouth but nothing happens
My lungs just fill faster with the dark water
I’m being pulled up now
I guess the stranger doesn’t know I’m already dead
I’m hovering over my body but feel nothing as their pumping on my chest
I look down to see my mom holding my dad at the scene
I remember the last time I spoke to them,
“I hate you both,” I said
I wish I could go back and tell them both it isn’t true
But now it’s to late
I love them both so much if only they knew
I hear the police officer telling them that he’s sorry and that they tried
My parents know I’m dead now but all they can do is cry
Why did it have to end like this?
I guess there’s no point in asking myself because it’s over, I’m dead
I just wish I had, had the chance to tell them how much they meant to me,
How much I loved them,
And another chance just to say goodbye.

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