Lament on the Tracks

January 16, 2008
By Rene Crook, Hinesville, GA

In the distance I can hear the sweet lullaby of the coming train
It sings a song just for us
But you aren’t listening…
The stars are dancing
And the reflect dimly in your beautiful sea green eyes
Drown me
So that I may forever lie here
Whispers of ‘I love you’ resonate in my ears
But you didn’t mean it
Did you?
You always told me that you gave me everything
You didn’t
If I cut you will you cut me deeper?
We found paradise in the eye of the hurricane
Sucked in by the storm
I was lost without you
Drowning in crimson despair
That we once called our lives
A breadth apart…
You were light-years away
The instant you turned to leave
I was replaced
My somber cries were, once again
I trusted you, I loved you
You left me dieing in the wake of your tracks

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