Rhyming Rant

March 16, 2011
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I have despised poetry that rhymes
ever since I was young.
Rhyming has been used since the beginning of time,
It’s as tarnished as a coal miner’s lung.

I swore to myself that through thick and thin,
When the poetry unit commenced
Never to rhyming would I give in.
I take it to great offense.

How childish and foolish and silly it be,
to make of a piece of art.
To have the same sounds in poetry!
It makes my mouth go tart.

License Plate, Mormon State, Overweight, Bering Strait
no matter what words may flow
Rhyming is effortless to underrate!
It’s like a punch from a literature blow.

Many find that it flows like the wind,
But what a false accusation.
Every time I hear it, I start to cringe.
I find it a defamation

to make such a rueful piece.
How foul and cruel and thoughtless it be,
I’m petitioning against rhyming poetry.
That should relieve my grief.

Some say it to be impossible, writing poetry without rhyme,
But it’s really a simple feat.
You’re in high school, isn’t it about time
to learn poetry with a beautiful beat?

So stop complaining and write out your feelings.
create a story of flow and finesse,
and Voila, a poem without rhyming that’s actually appealing:
Something I won’t detest!

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