Day after day

January 16, 2008
By Sherwin Novin, Mequon, WI

Day after day,
Night after night,
As every cycle repeats,
As every core breaks I lay here, waiting,
Waiting for broken pieces to rebirth into one,
Waiting for the past to once again become present.

Everything has changed,
Everything is changing,
As pen meets paper,
As heart is given words,
Our world is changing.

End this cycle,
Continue life as it was in our memory,
From the first hello,
To the strings of goodbye,
Renew the paradise that now only lives in us.

Your smile is contagious,
Your eyes, a path to your innocence,
Your touch a battleground of dreams,
One worth any sacrifice to win.

Here I lay, a wounded soldier,
Awaiting another chance to rise,
My body covered in scars,
One for each battle lost,
Forever they will remain,
And for times to come more will arrive,
Even so...I will never die.

Our past lies through a door,
A door with two locks,
I hold one key in my left hand,
Still searching for yours,
You're completely unaware,
I hold it in your blind spot.

-Sherwin A. Novin
"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

Has distance ever influenced your feelings?
You suddenly hate what is not tangible
Hiding yourself under a blanket, you thought you had us all fooled
Even yourself.
But don't kid yourself, we never doubted your presence
Or were you oblivious to even your very existence?

Truthful lies, lies of truth
Give up, your feelings will never drown in your hope
Your tears will never be enough to wash it away.
Your stigma remains, bloodstained hands.
Look closely, do you see the knife?
You've committed murder.

What more is there to do now?
Will you continue hiding under the safety of your blanket?
Will you continue to deceive the ones that care for you?

Your sun will arise soon.
His hands will soon envelope your chamber.
His light will surround you.
And you will go with him henceforth, at the dawn of the new day,
While the forsaken are left, back in the dark night.

The sun is up.
No more is distance a problem.
Arise, it's time to awaken.
Throw away your blanket and open the curtain.
Who's light will shine on you?

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