I remember when ...

January 16, 2008
I remember the day you put me on the water
I was too young to understand why I could walk on it.
My arms stuck out like I had a stick going from arm to arm
I had so many cloths on.
You were just trying to keep me warm.
I remember the little white shoes on my feet with the sliver blades attached to them.
You took my hand as I stood and placed them on a chair in front of me,
You told me to walk.
Because you had put so many cloths on me I couldn’t pick my legs up
I scooted my feet along the glass that covered the water.
I remember you telling me what a good job I was doing and took the chair away from me.
Surprisingly I didn’t fall.
I remember that day, the day you put me on the water
I’ll never forget that day even though I was so young.
I’m older now and its not so much scooting I am doing anymore
I can jump now and spin and even do the figure 8 you taught me to do too.
But sometimes your not there with a hand or the chair…
I remember when you were there.

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