January 16, 2008
By shoshone huey, Detroit, MI

damaged for life
shattered like glass
the shards just left on the ground
no one to pick up the peices
they've predicted her future
she's hopeless they say
she's labeled a disgrace
"runaway" stamped across her forehead
ruined for life
so people say
betrayed by the woman
who threw her away
bouncing around
from place to place
can't get things together
cause she gave up a long time ago
beleived in shooting stars
but never reached her goals
yet she'd stronger than most
inside lies a glow
they shake their heads
soon as she spreads her wings
withered and worn
confused and torn
fragile as can be
but beauty reigns in her soul
valuable like gold
angelic as can be
finally flying. . .

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